I had, for all intents and purposes, meant this to be posted during April’s Grilled Cheese Month (why April? who decides these things anyways?) but as mentioned in my previous and apologetically brief post, I’ve been a bit distracted from the food blogging world in the past few weeks. But now, I’m back and slavering for more!

I think pretty much everyone has memories of childhood grilled cheese sandwiches – mine was white bread spread with margarine (no butter in our house!), two or sometimes three slices of processed yellow American cheese and of course Campbell’s tomato soup for dipping. It was a feast of grand proportions challenged only by the triple-decker-PBJ and chicken soup combo, and best served with cheeks pink from crisp early spring or late fall weather.

Now, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m more than a few years past the plastic packaged pre-sliced American cheese phase, but the comforting call of the grilled cheese sandwich is still as potent at thirty as it was at seven or eight. So how does a self-professed foodie with a deep love of all things dairy-based go about making such a classic combination? By gathering good, simple, delicious ingredients together, frazzling them a bit in a pan, and snarfing them decadently (sometimes without bothering with a plate).

This isn’t a treat I indulge in often, as I am trying to get my butt more towards the “luscious” side of curvy and less on the “Baron Harkonnen/Delta Burke” end of the spectrum, so when I do splurge on a grilled cheese it tends to be a bit decadent. And yes, that is bacon and tomato, the ultimate combo in my humble opinion especially when paired with a bowl of Tomato Gorgonzola Soup.

I have to say that though this sandwich is definitely the perfect lunchtime cheese delivery system, it’s so good as a breakfast option as well. Add a lightly fried egg to the mix and a side of some fresh fruit and you’ll be going strong all morning long, yum!

And it goes especially well with Saturday morning cartoons, if you feel like celebrating your inner seven-year old!