So I didn’t forget about this blog.

No really, I promise! But a whole helluva lot has happened in the four months (cringe!) since I Iast graced WordPress with my presence. I have managed to find new awesome employment and relocate my entire life from the right coast to the left coast, which is sort of mind blowing if I do say so.

Exciting? Oh yes.

Exhausting? Absolutely.

Worth it? On so many levels!

But in the ensuing panic of packing, I definitely wasn’t cooking much and my writing fell by the wayside. I did manage to keep myself entertained in other ways, some of which I hope to post about in the near future. I’m also experimenting with the WordPress iPhone app to extend my posting capabilities while I’m in the go. So far it’s terribly awkward, but until I pop for a purse-sized netbook it’ll have to do.

There are posts in the works (including a guest writer who makes amazing food!) so you’ll be gearing from this place soon, I promise. In the meantime it’s back to the grindstone for me!