This was going to be a food post but I’m fluttering around at work worrying that I haven’t updated this blog in months. Again. (I’m sort of bad at this, eh?)

So in the interest of future writings and the fact that I just need to put thought to paper (internet?) on occasion, I think I”ll be writing a bit more about life in general than solely my need to shove beautiful and delicious food in my face.  Not that I haven’t been eating well recently! Since moving to Seattle the quality of my face-stuffings has improved significantly and I’m absolutely in love with the idea of being able to walk to the market whenever I want, and to be able to visit local-supplied farmer’s markets weekly throughout the year.  Love this place.

However, between the new job and moving house not once but twice, most of the cooking has been left to my otter half, who is quite the cook in his own right. Meanwhile I’ve been knitting up a storm recently, definitely satisfying my Make Stuff need. Multiple hats, a couple of scarves and neck cowls and a sweater that I swear I’m going to finish one of these days are all piled up or delivered to their intendeds to many smiles, which is awesome. And one of these days I’ll break in the new camera and get photos of all this stuff for posterity, I swear!

But in the meantime, I’m off to eat some lunch and get back to the business of keeping my eating and crafting habits afloat.